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Hear our own Dr. C.C. Massey as a guest on the You're The Cure podcast with Dr. Ben Edwards. Listen to Dr. Massey discuss the role of breathing and food in bone structure, how the mother's health during pregnancy plays an important role in a childs development, and other important topics related to breathing.

Here are timestamps marking specific topics discussed:

  • 32:03 — Dr. Massey shares his background and what made him become so interested in breath/airway.
  • 36:14 — Dr. Massey shares the role breathing and food play on the structures of a child's face. He goes in to exactly how an orthodontist can help make sure growth happens properly and how early parents can notice these issues.
  • 41:49 — Dr. Ben asks Dr. Massey to speak to bone structure in relation to muscle usage. He also gives some examples of exercises parents can use to improve these mechanisms.
  • 44:27 — Dr. Ben and Dr. Massey go in to how the mother's health during pregnancy plays an important role in these developmental issues in children. Dr. Ben also explains how breathing correctly is actually designed to be a built-in mask.
  • 48:30 — Dr. Massey speaks deeper into a few things Dr. Ben brought up in his built-in mask talk.
  • 51:48 — Dr. Massey shares a story of a patient he recently saw.
  • 55:00 — Dr. Massey speaks to kids bedwetting and/or waking in the middle of the night and reiterates other things to watch for. He also gives some time frames for seeing correction in some of the issues they have discussed throughout the show.

Your Airway and Your Life – How an Orthodontist Can Help

In this post, we'll discuss how St. Clair and Massey can help with the development of proper breathing for a healthier life. Through orthodontic treatment, promoting healthy development in the face and jaw, orthodontists can help prevent and treat issues with breathing and airway concerns!

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Our mission statement is to "Love on people and help them flourish". This means not only helping achieve a great smile but improve overall health for a fuller, healthier, more enjoyable life.

The Basics of Breathing

Believe it or not, the quality of your breathing can impact your overall health and well-being. Breathing properly can help protect you from sickness, keep your mind clear, help you sleep better, reduce stress levels, and digest your food more efficiently!

What is Good Breathing?

A handy phrase is "Tongue up, lips closed, healthy breathing through the nose." Let's take a closer look at all the pieces that come together to create a good breath! The Workers This includes your nasal cavity, valves, tongue, and other tissues ‐ simply put, everything that we need to be working, doing its job each day. Usually, an Otolaryngologist (also known as an ENT ‐ ear, nose, throat doctor) or your dentist will be your experts in this area. Your Behaviors The way you train yourself to breathe changes the quality of your breaths. Breathing into your belly instead of just your chest helps train your muscles and promotes good, deep breathing. Slowing the rate of your breaths (like breathing for 5 seconds in and 5 seconds out) can help relieve stress. You can read more in-depth about good breathing habits and practices here. The Building Blocks This is where orthodontists can be the most help. Your jawbones, facial muscles, teeth, and the roof of your mouth all play a part in how you breathe.

OK, but how can an Orthodontist help with breathing?

Though the number one thing that comes to mind when you think of orthodontics is braces, orthodontists can actually do so much more! Orthodontists are experts in all things alignment! Early and thorough orthodontic intervention can be incredibly helpful in guiding healthy development, treating issues as they pop up, and creating the best breathing environment for your body.

Did you know St. Clair and Massey can help you with:

Consider this example: if your face has weak muscles around the jaw, those muscles aren't strong enough to hold the jawbones in the right place when you lay down to go to sleep. ➡️ Those bones then put extra pressure on your throat and make breathing more difficult.

The result: when you don't breathe correctly while sleeping, you don't sleep as well. ➡️ When you don't get good sleep, you have increased stress, irritability, and other issues.

🧒👦 (Note: In children, this can look like mood swings, trouble focusing at school, and acting without thinking. More on this below!)

How do I know if we need help with breathing?

During your exam at our office, we'll look at the structure of the mouth and teeth, which will tell us a lot about how everything is developing. If you're not yet a patient at St. Clair and Massey, here are a few things you can look for in yourself or your child:

Even situations like having trouble breastfeeding a newborn can be an indicator of structural or functional issues! We have connections with excellent clinicians and doctors who can help mothers and babies struggling with breastfeeding.

Early orthodontic intervention can help guide your child's development and address or prevent future concerns. If there are already some issues, it's not too late! We still have many intervention options to help provide correction and improvement.

Take‐Home Message

The whole staff at St. Clair and Massey Orthodontics are dedicated to helping you become your healthiest, happiest self.

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