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Our team members love to have fun and are excellent at what they do. See a role that fits your strengths and skillset?

Please submit your information below! Our team members love to have fun and are excellent at what they do. See a role that fits your strengths and skillset? Please submit your information below!

 Well, hello. I’m Dr. James St. Clair. And I’m C. C. Massey. And we are so glad that you’re, uh, checking us out. We are looking for a doctor that has energy, that’s fun, that can plug in our practice. We have an outstanding practice that is a high tech practice, and our main core is to love on people and help people flourish.

Yeah, I agree with James. We love technology. We love treating patients to a, to an excellent standard, but we like To focus on health too, so we look at Airway, we look at TMD and we treat to a really high standard in all of those ways, both aesthetics and health and function. But our biggest thing that we’re proud of is that we are not just high tech, but we’re high touch.

We want to have great customer service, take care of our patients, and our mission statement is that we exist to love on people and help them flourish, and we say that starts with our team. So we want to love on our team, help them grow professionally and personally. And we want to see our patients grow and flourish as well.

And that means you. We want you to flourish too. We’d love you to be a part of our team. We can’t wait to meet you and we look forward to seeing you soon. Bye bye.

Our Focus

Hear from Dr. James St. Clair and Dr. C.C. Massey about the focus of the practice and how that influences both team and patient care.

Our Core Values

Our mission is simple yet intentional: to create an environment where you can flourish, growing in a healthy and vigorous way. To achieve this, we embrace core values spelled out as “FLEURISH,” reflecting Fun, Love, Excellence, Unity, Reliability, Integrity, Service, and Hope. These aren’t just words to us; they’re actions we live by every day.

At St. Clair and Massey Orthodontics, we believe in creating an environment where everyone thrives by embodying these values. Welcome to our practice, where we aspire to make you the best version of yourself.

Hello, this is Dr. James St. Clair, and I’m a member of St. Clair and Massey Orthodontics. If you’re watching this, there’s a good chance you’d like to be a part of it. Today, I’m going to explain who we are and what sets us apart. We have a mission here at St. Clair and Massey to love on people and to help people flourish.

I know it sounds simple, but it’s done with much intentionality. I will explain more about how we live on people in a moment, but first, let me give you our working definition of flourish. For us, it means to grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way. This is especially as a result of a favorable environment.

Here at St. Clair and Massey Orthodontics, we want the best environment for you to flourish in. And that brings us to our core values. To have the best environment for you to flourish in, we’re going to spell the word flourish with our core values. But we’re using a French spelling to spell F L E U R I S H.

So, what do these letters stand for? Our core, first of all, is fun. Fun is the awesome feeling you have when you’re enjoying people, doing the things you love to do, and enjoying the satisfaction of something you’ve accomplished. It is relishing in the excitement of life with a grateful heart. Fun can’t happen without a positive attitude.

Love. Love is a sacrificial action that is given in nature. These actions are marked by tenderness, being compassionate, showing forgiveness, having affection, and displaying patience. Quite honestly, love is the greatest action you’re called to in your life. We’re called to love God and to love people.

Excellence. Excellence has the dictionary definition of excelling. Being the very best at something. But to me, it is working with diligence to achieve the best you can achieve. It is pouring yourself into being the very best version of yourself. You are for unity. Unity is togetherness. It is a message to the world that we are one.

It is having a cohesiveness and not having a vision. Reliability. Reliability is being thankful to what you’ve agreed to do. It is having a desire to honor your word. And not only Honoring your word, but never giving up on honoring your word. It is not letting others down who count on you. Integrity.

Integrity is when your character is marked by always wanting to do the right thing. It is when honesty and truth are more important to you than self-gain from selfish desires. Service. Service is a selfless desire to help others. It is counting others’ needs more significant than your own. It is not looking at your own interests but to the interests of others.

And finally, it is seeing needs and meeting those needs. Our final core value is hope. Hope is a confident expectation. For us, our hope is a biblical hope. It is a reality. It’s not, I hope it will rain. It is without a doubt. So, as you can see, our core values make up the word flourish. It’s fun, love, excellence, unity, reliability, integrity, service, and hope.

When you have these things in your office, it is an environment where you will thrive and flourish. You will be the best version of yourself. And it is exciting to work with people that aspire to have the same values as you. So, welcome to St. Clair Massey Orthodontics.

This is more than just a new office for St. Clair and Massey. This is our mission field. Where we have the privilege to care for you, beyond your smile. Helping you find confidence, hope, and the smile you’ve always dreamed of. This is a more convenient location to receive the same care, love, and outstanding orthodontic treatment that you’ve come to expect from St.

Clair and Massey. We truly believe that in this office, thousands of Our lives will be changed.

Our Growth

We’re always looking for ways to expand the reach of our patient care. Beyond just a new office, our mission is to transform lives through care, confidence, and smiles. Welcome to where dreams meet reality and where every smile tells a story of hope and transformation.

Our Associates

Hear from a former Associate about his time and experience with us

Jobs at St. Clair & Massey

Orthodontics assistant:

The Orthodontics Assistant’s main responsibility is to support our orthodontists in providing exceptional patient care. This person assists orthodontists during various orthodontic procedures, such as installing braces, adjusting appliances, and fitting retainers. One year of dental or orthodontic experience and RDA certification preferred, but not required. 

scheduling coordinator:

Our scheduling coordinators are experienced and excellent in face-to-face customer service, professional telephone etiquette, multitasking, and managing stress while under pressure. Main responsibilities include scheduling new patient appointments over the phone, checking in patients when they arrive for their appointment and scheduling follow-up appointments, collecting payments, and following up on missed appointments.

treatment coordinator:

The primary responsibility of the Treatment Coordinator (TC) is to arrange and coordinate the events and appointments necessary to convert the new patient into active or pre–treatment growth guidance status. The goals of the treatment coordinator are to listen to the patient’s needs and expectations, to use verbal skills to create and nurture relationships, and to build the patient’s trust and confidence in the doctors and staff – all with the end goal of starting them as a New Patient in the practice. The TC allows the doctor to spend the necessary time needed with patients and handles all other areas and discussions in the New Patient Exam. 

treatment coordinator assistant:

The Treatment Coordinator Assistant’s primary responsibility is to take the new patient and family on a tour of the office, take the appropriate records, upload the photos and x-ray, introduce the new patient and his/her family to the TC, and create an excellent rapport and relationship with these new patients. The TC Assist should be an incredibly upbeat and fun person with the ability to engage both children and adults.

financial operations manager:

This position is responsible for billing services supervision in all patient accounts and claims processing through the standard billing services, accounts receivable reconciliation and reporting, cash posting, claims adjustments, and credit and collections functions for St. Clair and Massey Orthodontics.

bookkeeper/account manager:

General responsibilities include accounts payable, general ledger, monthly financials, and payroll. This position is also responsible for general human resource functions within the practice, such as retirement and insurance enrollment, payroll, and employee onboarding.

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