Questions and Concerns

If your appliance, brackets or wires break or are poking you, or if you’re having an issue with your clear aligners, please call our office on the next business day to determine if an extra visit is necessary. Also, refer to your “Ready, Set, Brace” brochure for tips and tricks on caring for your braces.

Aligner tips and tricks: 

  • If an attachment has fallen off, be prepared to let us know which aligner you are on and which tooth the attachment came off of, and be prepared to bring your attachment template to your next visit. 
  • Discomfort of the teeth is normal as they move, but be sure to use orthodontic wax if your aligners are rubbing anywhere and causing discomfort.
  •  If you’ve broken or lost an aligner, call us during office hours. We’ll likely tell you to wear your previous or next aligner. 

We can often instruct you in repairing the problem at home to help you avoid an unnecessary trip to our office. In the meantime, use orthodontic wax for comfort. For immediate concerns not listed above, please call 806-799-6780